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Essential Excel

Essential Excel

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Is Excel a brand new world to you? Looking for a course to assist you to be more confident in using Excel?

If you answer "YES," to the questions above, this course is highly recommended for you. Excel is the essential skill-set required by many companies, from a small organization to large corporations, from fresh graduates to senior management. Without knowing its essential will impose potential roadblocks in your future growth.

Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both the business world and personal use. We show you fundamental features of Excel so that you become confidence in using Excel.

Who Must Attend
This course is ideal for those who want to understand the basic concepts of spreadsheets and want to gain confidence in use Microsoft Excel. Be it students, fresh graduates, working professionals and business owners.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understanding the IPO (Input-Process-Output) framework.
  • Effectively enter, edit and handle data entry tasks
  • Ease data organization in multiple worksheets
  • Understand the fundamentals of Excel formulas.
  • Output final report on paper and PDF.
  • Personalize Excel to suit your preferred working approach.


To ensure your success, we recommend the delegates equip with the following or equivalent knowledge:

  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • A working knowledge of handling computer keyboard and mouse
  • Able understand simple mathematics formula


1 Day1 (9 am - 5 pm)


Face-to-face learning with demonstrations and practical hands-on.

Training Outline

Day 1

1. Introduction to IPO (Input-Process-Output) Framework

GIGO (Garbage-In, Garbage-Out) is the symptom of weak awareness of IPO framework. This topic instils the awareness of IPO framework and its importance on ensuring accurate final report.

  • What “Input” is
  • What “Process” encompass
  • What “Output” consist of
  • Why IPO framework is important


2. Getting to Know Excel

Identify the terminologies and elements of the Excel user interface. This allows you continuously learn Excel after the course with resources available.

  • Starting Excel
  • Excel Working Environment
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Navigating within the Worksheet
  • Saving your Workbook
  • Opening your Workbook
  • Utilize the keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks above


3. Entering and Editing Data

Unlike regular document, Excel stores its data on cells. Different types of data have different behaviour in Excel.

  • Selecting a Cell or Range of Cells
  • Entering Cell Contents
  • Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Cell Values
  • Copy and Paste Special
  • Editing Cell Contents
  • Deleting Cell Contents
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Understanding three essential types of data
  • Utilize the keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks above


4. Managing Rows & Columns

Excel organizes its data in rows and columns. With this knowledge, you can generate reports in the alignment you desired.

  • Inserting, Moving & Deleting Cells
  • Managing Columns and Rows
  • Hide and Unhide Rows/Columns
  • Changing Column Width & Row Height
  • Merging and Unmerging Cells
  • Utilize the keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks above


5. Managing Worksheets

Instead of creating multiple files, you can keep them in multiple worksheets. With this knowledge, you can neatly organize your data in one place.

  • Format Worksheet Tabs
  • Insert and Delete Worksheet
  • Move and Copy Worksheet
  • Hide & Unhide Worksheet


6. Formatting

By changing the appearance of cells (e.g.: fonts, colour, colour fills), this instantly makes the information is more attractive.

  • Formatting the Cell Fonts and Colour Fill
  • Apply Text Rotation and Borders
  • Centre Data Across Multiple Cells
  • Number and Date Formatting
  • Working with standard Styles
  • Remove all Cell Formatting


7. Essential Formula Knowledge

Excel is a very flexible and powerful calculator. It performs calculations based on your desired formulas.

  • Understanding Excel Formula Anatomy
  • Utilize basic mathematics including multiplication and division.
  • Excel Arithmetic Operators & Order of Operations
  • Using AutoFill Options
  • Adding and Counting only the Cells you Specify
  • Techniques for copying formulas
  • Working with absolute and relative cell referencing


8. Essential Function Knowledge

Similar to a scientific calculator, Excel provides hundreds of functions to ease our complex calculation.

  • Understand the anatomy of Excel functions, and what their components mean
  • Learn basic math functions including SUM, and ROUND
  • Learn basic statistical functions including COUNT, COUNTA, AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN


9. Organizing Data with Worksheet and Table

Excel provides various approaches to assist us to locate the data we want rapidly. This reduces our time in locating specific data.

  • Sorting Data by a Single Column
  • Sorting Data by Multiple Columns
  • Filter Data by Specific Words, Dates
  • Apply Multiple Filters to a Single Data Table
  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Sorting and Filtering Data in a Table


10. Working with Graphics

Adding appropriate graphics can improve the overall presentation of the entire worksheet. This makes the information easier to understand.

  • Adding Pictures into a Worksheet
  • Adding Drawing Objects into a Worksheet
  • Customizing Pictures and Objects
  • Adding SmartArt into a Worksheet
  • Adding Clip Art into a Worksheet


11. Reporting

In many situations, printed reports are important in communication. Making the printed reports presentable is equally important.

  • Printing Worksheets
  • Setting Page Setup Options
  • Setting Page Breaks
  • Setting Page Margins
  • Repeat Specific Rows on Every Printed Page
  • Save As PDF


12. Personalize Excel

Everyone has their own preferred way of working. This topic shows how to personalize Excel to suit each individual unique needs.

  • Set Excel Options (General, Formulas Sheets)
  • Quick Access Toolbar

Hardware & Software
  • A laptop is required for this course (PCs not provided)
  • Excel 2007 or later is installed

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